Biblical Messages


Included in this service is a message on the importance of sharing our faith, “Ambassadors”, from 2 Corinthians 5.11-21. The message starts at 22:50. Apologies for the in-and-out sounds; this will be diagnosed and fixed.

Biblical Messages

Create, Renew and Restore

Our old pal Soong came to preach at St. Paul’s this morning, as he was being looked at by a couple of search committees.  His focus was Psalm 51.10-12.  We also had to say good-bye to Donna, our long-time KidMin coordinator, which we did with love and humour.

You can watch the whole service below, or catch the message, which starts at 39:23.


Biblical Messages

You’ve Got A Friend

The song many of us remember, popularized by James Taylor, reminds us of what a friend can be.  Jesus talks about this in John 15.9-17.  How are we friends with Jesus?  And how do we demonstrate our friendship with him?  We answer these questions in the message, which starts at 13:15.  The service includes the Lord’s Supper.  Our substitute musician called in sick today, so I was left to accompany all the singing.  Sorry about that!

Biblical Messages

Divine Advocacy

Jesus introduces the coming of the Holy Spirit to his disciples in John 14.15-31 by referring to the “Advocate”, a translation of the Greek term transliterated ‘paraclete’, which means ‘one who comes alongside’, usually in a legal sense.  What’s involved in all this?  Why does it matter?  That’s what I address in this Sunday’s worship gathering, which you can watch below.  The message itself begins at 29:17.

Biblical Messages

The Way

In John 14.1-14, Jesus seeks to encourage his disciples about his impending departure.  He tells them that they know where he is going, but they claim not to know the way.  Jesus tells them that he is the way!  He also tells them that they are capable of undertaking miraculous signs just like he did.  So what can we learn from this?  The message begins at 28:18.