Biblical Messages

Stay the Course

I’m beginning a two-month Sabbatical, called an Inter-Mission, this week coming, so today at worship, I preached a message from Romans 12.6-13 that encouraged the congregation to stay the course, and how to do that.  Have a look!  The message itself starts at 31:40.

Biblical Messages

It Takes a (Village) Church

How can we help families love and serve Jesus amid the cultural whirlwind we face today?  We garner some ideas from Romans 12.1-5 in this message, which starts at 27:50 in the service.  (Apologies for the sound quality – for some reason, the wireless receiver was not turned on.)

The video shown at the end of the message may be see here.


Biblical Messages

You’ve Got A Friend

The song many of us remember, popularized by James Taylor, reminds us of what a friend can be.  Jesus talks about this in John 15.9-17.  How are we friends with Jesus?  And how do we demonstrate our friendship with him?  We answer these questions in the message, which starts at 13:15.  The service includes the Lord’s Supper.  Our substitute musician called in sick today, so I was left to accompany all the singing.  Sorry about that!