Biblical Messages

Generosity 101

Sure, preachers talk about good stewardship, but not as often do we talk about generosity in general.  What does it take to be generous?  Based on Matthew 6.19-34, some ideas are shared in this message.

Biblical Messages

Other Sheep

Ever wonder what Jesus meant by “other sheep” when he mentions it in John 10.16?  Some folks have ideas, but it seems clear from evidence to whom it refers, and that’s good news for us.  Based on John 10.11-21, you can watch the message entitled “Other Sheep” here:

(The video that is showing at the beginning can be found here.)

Biblical Messages

So you think you can see?

Jesus said that the Pharisees were guilty because though they had sight, they refused to see.  So often, people lack self-awareness, like the Pharisees did.  The man born blind, on the other hand, saw Jesus for who he truly was.  Based on John 9.35-41, you can watch or listen to this message below.  I apologize for my pre-pubescent, raspy voice.