Biblical Messages

God’s Glorious Standard

Who here thinks that if you’re good enough, you’ll get into heaven?

Survey said…BUZZ.  Nope.  And little else in Scripture makes this clearer than Romans 3.21-31, which is our Scripture focus for this message.  You can watch the whole worship broadcast or just the message below that.


Biblical Messages

The Back Story

Ever wonder why, from a first-century perspective (as opposed to a theological one) that Jesus went to the cross and rose from the dead?  Every story has a back story, and the message in this gathering from John 11.45-57 helps us understand it.  It also helps us consider the importance of comparing any new movement against Scripture, keeping our preferences in check, and being mindful of healthy unity.  (The whole service is here; you can skip ahead to 35:50 to watch the message.)