Biblical Messages, LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions


A lot of people over the years have assumed that when Jesus talked about eating his flesh and drinking his blood, there was cannibalism involved.  A lot of others have assumed that Jesus was foreshadowing the last supper.  But is that what Jesus really was talking about?  Follow along in John 6.52-59, and listen to or watch this message.  I began the message by showing this video.

LifeConnect Group discussion questions for this message can be found here:  2018 09 16 lcg questions

Biblical Messages


As we wrap up this series on what it takes to serve as a ruling elder, after looking at character and vision, we turn to commitment.  Based on 1 Peter 5.1-4 and James 5.13-18, you can listen to this final message in the series below.  At the end of the message, I show this video.