Book Reviews

Building the Bridge As You Walk on It: A Guide For Leading Change

This is my summer for finishing books I’ve already started, and I started Building the Bridge an embarrassingly long time ago:  early 2008.  I purchased it as aimages-7 leadership book, but found it useful on more than one level.

I had initially gotten about 100 pages into it, but since it was so long ago that I had started the book, I decided to reread it in its entirety.  This time, I read it as much from the perspective of a spiritual director as a pastor in a leadership role.  It is a secular leadership book, but the author, Robert E. Quinn (also author of Deep Change), may well be a person of faith, based on how he writes this book.

To those who lead in the secular world, the book is an outstanding primer in dealing with personal change; Quinn argues that we lead from and by who we are, rather than from or by what we do.  You’ll find it helpful as you navigate change in business.

To those who lead in the church – ditto.

To those who provide spiritual direction, it is a fascinating exercise to read this book from the eyes of a spiritual director.  You will find it helpful for yourself, and if you give spiritual direction to anyone who leads, it will give you remarkable insight into how to encourage and ask good questions of your directees.

In one sense, I’m glad I didn’t finish the book when I bought it!