Biblical Messages

Off to Faith we go…

We commonly see #blessed on our social media feeds, but what does that really mean?  That’s part of what we’ll learn in our time together in Romans 4.1-8.  The big idea here is that we are blessed not because we have earned righteousness, but because it is given to us.  Abraham is used as the example by the apostle Paul in this passage.

We can’t earn our salvation.  It has to be given to us.  And when we receive that which is given, we are truly #blessed!

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Biblical Messages

God’s Glorious Standard

Who here thinks that if you’re good enough, you’ll get into heaven?

Survey said…BUZZ.  Nope.  And little else in Scripture makes this clearer than Romans 3.21-31, which is our Scripture focus for this message.  You can watch the whole worship broadcast or just the message below that.