Biblical Messages

Eating and Drinking: Adiaphora

If I follow Jesus, should I be a vegetarian?  Vegan?  Pescatarian?  Or can I eat whatever I want?

Can a Christian take a job that makes one work on Sunday?

If I love the Lord, can I have a glass of wine with my supper?

These may not be the most pressing questions in the world today, but they do come up from time to time, and they are addressed by our Scripture focus today, from Romans 14. You can watch the whole worship broadcast below, or the message alone below that.

Biblical Messages

Spiritual Viticulture

Staying connected to Jesus, as a branch to a vine, is important, because it’s how we naturally bear fruit.  Instead of focusing on bearing fruit, we’re called to focus on being disciples of Jesus, which means we’ll naturally bear fruit.  Based on John 15.1-8, you can listen to “Spiritual Viticulture” at 28:05, or watch the whole service below.