Biblical Messages

Other Sheep

Ever wonder what Jesus meant by “other sheep” when he mentions it in John 10.16?  Some folks have ideas, but it seems clear from evidence to whom it refers, and that’s good news for us.  Based on John 10.11-21, you can watch the message entitled “Other Sheep” here:

(The video that is showing at the beginning can be found here.)

Biblical Messages

The Light of Welcome

Light: it can be a welcoming thing, whether a sign that a home is expecting guests, or that the end of a dark place or time is near.  As one of those lights that can get tangled up, though, we can sometimes forget how important the light of welcome can be – especially at this time of year.

Mary and Elizabeth offered their own kinds of welcome to the Lord Jesus; read their story in Luke 1.26-56.  Listen to the message by clicking here.