Encouragement From The Word

Why do you do it?

Just realized I forgot to post this on Friday!

At St. Paul’s Church, we’re gearing up for our annual Vacation Bible Camp, what we call “Camp WannaKnowGod”, that runs next week.  Many hundreds of hours are volunteered by several people to ensure that it’s a week of great fun and great learning for the children who attend.

A question worth asking is why?  Why would we go through the amount of work that we go through to run a program for five mornings for kids?  There are several reasons, including the most important one:  it’s a prime opportunity to plant the seeds of faith in the children’s hearts.

We don’t do Camp WannaKnowGod merely as a babysitting service, even though some parents may see it as five mornings of relief.  That’s completely okay; we undertake this ministry because we know that God can change the hearts and lives of the kids he sends us, no matter the motive.

We don’t do Camp WannaKnowGod merely as a community program.  There will be tangible differences between what the municipality might offer to kids and what we offer.  When we lead this event, we do so with the love of Jesus in our hearts, spilling out into the lives of the children we serve.

Even the songs we sing reflect that there’s something a bit different about what we’re doing…and, as we all know, kids remember songs.  I sometimes see children with their parents in the grocery store, months after camp, and they’ll sing me at least one of the songs from camp.

The seed is being planted.  That’s why we do this.  Kids’ lives matter to God.

You may or may not do Vacation Bible Camp in your church; but whatever you’re doing, do you know why?

The Son of Man is the farmer who plants the good seed.  The field is the world, and the good seed represents the people of the Kingdom” (Matthew 13.37b-38a, NLT).