Biblical Messages

The Dark Side of Love

In this worship gathering, we hear a message from Song of Songs 3 about the contrast between a romantic, intimate relationship, as experienced by the young man and the young woman, and King Solomon and his harem. We learn about how human relationships can be abused or enjoyed. You can watch the message below, or the entire worship gathering below that.

Biblical Messages

An Understanding Heart

King Solomon could have anything he wanted from anybody.  But when God asked him in a dream for anything he wanted, he said he wanted “an understanding heart” – a heart to listen, to hear – so he could lead the people of Israel wisely.  God was pleased with this request, and granted it.  And Solomon got to use it in judging a dispute between two prostitutes, one of whom had a baby die and switched it with another’s baby.

This message is based on 1 Kings 3, and you can listen here:

Biblical Messages

PAIN KILLER: The Pain of Loss

We all experience pain and we all experience loss – and there is pain in loss.  How we deal with that pain, however, can shape our lives, whether we know it or not.  This message, based on 2 Samuel 12.1-25, gives us some ideas on how constructively to deal with the pain of loss.  You can listen to the message by clicking here.  After the message, as a moment for meditation, we attempted to play the song that you can listen to on YouTube.