Biblical Messages

Coat-Tail Faith

In this message, we look at Romans 2.17-29 and why we have to believe for ourselves, putting our faith to work, rather than thinking we’re gaining God’s favour through our baptism or through some relative’s faith.  The whole service includes a celebration of the Lord’s Supper, while the message alone is viewable from the second link below.


Biblical Messages

No Excuse!

In this service, we hear a message from Romans 2.1-16 that discusses the fact that followers of Jesus have a responsibility to uphold God’s way, and that sometimes, we’re no better at it than those who do not follow Jesus.  We are called not to judge, but to live in such a way that people will want to follow Jesus.

And if you ever wondered if it’s possible to be saved by being good and doing good, you’ll learn through this message.  You can watch the whole service in the first video, or just the message itself in the second one.