Biblical Messages

Long Division

In this worship gathering, we hear a message called “Long Division” from Romans 16.17-27. We learn how false teachers sway people, and how to avoid this as followers of Jesus. (We also learn a little Scottish church history from the ministry of Ebenezer Erskine.) You can watch the whole service here, or just the message elsewhere on the channel.

Biblical Messages


In this worship broadcast, we hear a message called “Teamwork” that takes a list of greetings sent by the apostle Paul, as he begins to close his letter to the church in Rome, and applies it in our context. It’s based on Romans 16.1-16. The big idea is that ‘church is better when we do it together’ – not just for the people who are present in the building, but for all of us, including online viewers. How will you respond? Comment here, or go to and let us know how you will engage.

You can watch the whole broadcast below, or just the message below that.