Biblical Messages

Death Defeated

On Easter, we highlight the resurrection of Jesus (which we otherwise celebrate each Sunday).  But what can we say to those who ask, “So what?” about the resurrection?  The story of the raising of Lazarus in John 11.1-44 gives us some ideas.  Here’s the whole service; you can fast-forward to 27:00 to watch the message.


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Gloriously Undead

The message of Easter is that Jesus’ resurrection sets us free from sin and grants us life eternal.  Who doesn’t want that?  Yet many of us place barriers in the way.  The big question in this message, based on 1 Corinthians 15.35-39, 50-58 is this:  What has to die in you so that Jesus can come alive?  Listen here:

Biblical Messages

How Deep?

Stuart Townend’s song exclaims, “How deep the Father’s love for us!  How vast beyond all measure!”  As we heard the resurrection story from Matthew 28, and the inspiration for Townend’s song in 1 John 3.1-10, we asked the question, “How Deep?” in today’s Easter celebration message.  Listen here: