Biblical Messages

How to revive a dead church

Churches that have lived in a Christendom culture for years can find it difficult to come alive again. How can it be done? The letter from Jesus to the church in Sardis in Revelation 3.1-6 shows us how. You can watch the whole worship gathering below, or just the message below that.

Biblical Messages


In Daniel 9, we see that Daniel has been reading Scripture – the prophet Jeremiah – and this has led him to pray, confessing his sins and the sins of his people.  His heartfelt desire is that God will “smile again on his desolate sanctuary”.  Could the church in the west today be in an exilic period?  What can we learn from Daniel’s prayer?  Listen to find out:

Biblical Messages

STAYING TRUE: Break from the past

King Nebuchadnezzar had a dream – a dream to which he wisely paid attention.  He had hoped the dream was not for him, but for his enemies; sadly for him, it was intended for him, and it came true.  Seven years of tragedy befell the king, and only after he repented did he experience wholeness again.

Repentance:  turning around and walking the other way.  It’s not enough to be sorry for sin; we need to repent.  Based on Daniel 4, you can listen to this message here:  

Biblical Messages

TAKE A VOW: Taking out the trash

If you’re going to get rid of the stink, you’ve got to take out the trash.  This applies in home economics and in marriage!  We need to practise repentance and forgiveness to have good, godly marriages.  This message is based on Ephesians 4.25-5.2, and can be listened to by clicking here.

It was noted to me after the worship gathering at which I preached this message that if, in fact, I could find an 80-inch television for $1500, I should probably buy it.  (Guess I didn’t do my homework on that one!)