Biblical Messages

The Trusted Voice

There are so many voices ‘out there’ today, whether it’s giving us news (real or fake?) or theology or anything else.  Who do you trust?  Jesus tackles this issue in John 10.1-10.  Watch the message to learn more…

Biblical Messages

So you think you can see?

Jesus said that the Pharisees were guilty because though they had sight, they refused to see.  So often, people lack self-awareness, like the Pharisees did.  The man born blind, on the other hand, saw Jesus for who he truly was.  Based on John 9.35-41, you can watch or listen to this message below.  I apologize for my pre-pubescent, raspy voice.

Biblical Messages

How to host a dinner party

A lot of important things happen around food – relationships are forged, deals are made, lives are changed.  It was no different in Bible times.  Jesus got invited to a lot of dinner parties, and one party in particular had him telling a parable about another party.  The message is based on Luke 14.15-24, and you can listen to it by clicking here.