Biblical Messages

PAIN KILLER: The Pain of Rejection

While it not may sound very Thanksgiving-like as a title, there is much for which to be thankful in understanding the rejection Jesus faced for our sakes.  He knew what he would come up against, since he knew the prophecy of Isaiah 53. He knew his disciples (then and now) would face rejection, too, so he prepared his friends for that when he commissioned them to share their faith with Israel in Matthew 10.1-16.  You can listen to the message, the last in the series, by clicking here.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Biblical Messages

Trying to please others? (Here’s why you should avoid people pleasing.)

Nothing seems less harmful than trying to please other people.  But it really does no one any favours, and can be harmful, especially for those who follow Jesus (and therefore seek to please him first).

The message is based on Luke 7.18-35, and you can listen to it by clicking here.