Biblical Messages

Believe and Obey

In this brief worship time, we hear a message from Romans 1.1-7 entitled, “Believe and Obey”, an introduction to a series we’re starting on the book of Romans. (You may notice a reference in the message to an apology for the Scripture reader; when this was live, the audio for the reading did not work, but we spliced in the reading so you could see and hear her read it.) Next week, we hope to be able to live-stream directly to YouTube! Lots of tech to learn….

The message begins at the 10:00 mark.  The introduction to Romans that I mention in the message can be found here.

Biblical Messages

Fishing For Forgiveness

In this worship gathering, we hear a message from John 21 about how obeying Jesus can bring wonderful results, and how the apostle Peter was restored in his relationship with Jesus.  If you’ve ever wondered if your sin is too great to be forgiven, you need to watch this video.  The message begins at 37:59.


Biblical Messages

Love One Another: A New Commandment

One of the challenges of the Christian faith is that we are called to love one another, yes, and to be obedient to the Lord.  Each, in its own right, is difficult.

As we looked at most of chapter 2 today of 1 John (2.1-17), we learned about the importance of obedience as a fruit of our faith, and a sign and witness to what the gospel has done to change us.  You can listen to the message here: