Biblical Messages


Often, we think of gates as things used to keep people out, but they can also signify something significant within, and a gatekeeper can be a symbol of invitation.  Will you, Christ-follower, be a symbol of invitation (and of God’s love and grace) for people around you?

Based on Nehemiah 6.15-7.3, you can listen to this message here:

Biblical Messages

REBUILDING A PEOPLE: 3. Taking Care of Each Other

As Nehemiah and his people continued to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, economic issues were leaving people in a very needy position – and others, even fellow Jews, were taking advantage of the needy.  Nehemiah puts a stop to that, and in the process teaches us a lesson about how we can take care of each other as God’s people.  Based on Nehemiah 5.1-19, you can listen to the message here:

Biblical Messages

REBUILDING A PEOPLE: 2. You Know You’re Doing Something Right

Chances are, if you’ve got critics, you’re doing something right.  Last week, our intern introduced a series on the book of Nehemiah, which we are entitling, “Rebuilding A People”.  It is taking a brief look through this most interesting book of history and faith in the Old Testament.  Today, we looked at Nehemiah 4.1-23, a story of opposition to the rebuilding of the wall around Jerusalem.  Nehemiah’s response to his critics provides us with a vital lesson for ourselves and our churches today.  Have a listen here:

The photos referenced in the message were taken by my wife in Jerusalem in November 2013:

Neh wallis0902 Middle section - Nehemiah