Biblical Messages

The Great I AM

Jesus had a simple mission:  to do what the Father wanted him to do.  In John 8.21-30, we learn how this Great I AM – Jesus, the Messiah, the holy presence of God – undertook that mission.  Watch, or listen, below.


Biblical Messages

Think like a missionary

In celebration of 60 years of God’s faithfulness at St. Paul’s Church, Nobleton, we invited friends of the congregation from years gone by, and many came!  I shared this message, “Think like a missionary”, from Matthew 22, 28 and 13.  Watch on Facebook Live, or listen at the link below.

Biblical Messages

What matters to us

Our elders at St. Paul’s Church, Nobleton have been discerning God’s will regarding our core values in recent months, and today’s message, along with next week’s, expound upon what has been set forth by the elders.  It’s based on Acts 2.42-47, and you can watch or listen here:

Biblical Messages

Mission as Relief & Development

In this concluding message in our series on mission, we look at how relief and development can be a ministry of the gospel.  We looked at Micah 6.1-8.  Have a listen below, or watch the Facebook Live feed by clicking the link below that.

Biblical Messages

Mission as Evangelism

Evangelism is something that not many church going people are good at, sometimes because we don’t know what it is, and sometimes because we don’t know why or how to do it.  In this message, from 2 Corinthians 5.11-15, we learn about that.

Near the end, we watched a video that you can find here.

Biblical Messages

Mission as Service

There are different aspects of mission for the church, and one is service.  Today, based on 1 Corinthians 3.5-9, we look at how acts of service and kindness can build a bridge to Jesus.  Have a listen below, or watch the Facebook feed (no account required) at the link underneath.


Biblical Messages

Connect, Grow, Serve

Our vision for ministry – what God calls us to do, flowing from the Great Commission – at St. Paul’s Church, Nobleton, is to help people connect with God, grow in Christ, and serve in community.  But how does that all happen?

Because, as Andy Stanley reminds us, “vision leaks”, it’s important to be reminded now and again what it is that God has Blue Logocalled us to be as a community.  Based on Ephesians 4.11-24, you can listen to the message here: