Biblical Messages

The light of generosity

Among the many tangled lights in the string that is our life is the light of generosity.  We tend to be more generous at Christmas, and the charities all know it, so they do their best to maximize the potential for expanding their donor base.  In the church, we tend to see December as “miracle month” when it comes to giving to the mission of God, yet the need exists all year long.  In this message, I use an in-house example of our youth ministry, to which our Christmas offering is going this year. It serves the church, but it also serves the community.  And because we’re adding youth ministry to the general budget this year, it’s going to require that we all play a role in its support.

The message, “The light of generosity”, is based on Matthew 20.1-16, a passage more commonly applied toward Kingdom living as we think about the eternal rewards given to those who have served the Lord for many years, and those who confess him on their death beds.  But as the vineyard owner is generous in his payment of workers, even those who worked only an hour, so God is generous toward us – which should make us grateful.  And gratitude begets generosity.

Included in the message is a video, which you can view here.

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