Biblical Messages

Climbing the Ladder (Or, “Teleoanticipation”!)

“Teleoanticipation”: use that in a crossword puzzle this week. It was a new word to me, introduced to me by my spiritual director. In this worship gathering for the Fourth Sunday of Advent, we learn what it means, how it applies to our current situation, and how Mary exemplified it. While we “teleoanticipate”, we climb the ladder of faith. How? Watch to find out. The message is based on Luke 1.26-56, and can be viewed as part of the whole worship broadcast below, or by itself just below that.

Our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day broadcasts have been pre-recorded and will be available for viewing on our YouTube channel on December 24 in the afternoon and December 25 in the morning respectively, or anytime after those times as may be convenient for you. Merry Christmas! I’ll post them here as well.

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My God can do anything!

As we conclude the season of Advent and our look at Christmas through daveandthegiantpicklethe eyes of a child, we look in this message at the omnipotence of God – that God can do anything.  The message has some compelling stories in it, and is based on Gabriel’s conversation with Mary in Luke 1.26-38.  In the middle, we showed a clip from Dave and the Giant Pickle, a VeggieTale version of the story of David and Goliath.

Have a listen, then ask yourself:  are you willing to trust that God knows best?  Are you fighting a “Goliath” in your own life that we can pray about?  Will you trust God to do something great in your life this week?

Biblical Messages

There’s Something About Mary

Mary doesn’t get a lot of press among Protestant Christians, but she should!  In this message, based on Luke 1.26-56, I demonstrate some ways we would do well to emulate Mary in our walk with God.  Listen here:  


The poem I read at the end of the message can be found here.