Biblical Messages

Led Astray?

In John 7.37-53, Jesus makes an astonishing statement about himself that is easy to miss without doing some background work.  It’s a good reminder to us to ensure that we realize we have the living Lord Jesus right in our midst – so going through the motions isn’t what it’s about.  Jesus makes our religion reality.  Have a listen, or watch below.

Biblical Messages


“Before you decide, discern.”  That’s the foundational thought behind this message from John 7.25-36.  We talk about online civility and dealing with what we believe to be true that might not actually be true.  Listen, or watch, below.

Biblical Messages

Scratching the Surface

In a world of superficiality, Jesus brought depth, and that was hard for people to understand – then as now!  We may resist having others scratch the surface of us, finding the real ‘you’, but it is oh, so worth it in terms of the healing it can bring.

We had our mayor, ward councillor, fire, EMS and police with us to celebrate Civic Services Appreciation Sunday, and together we heard this message from John 7.10-24.  Listen, or watch below.  LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions are here: 2018 10 21 lcg questions.

Biblical Messages

Never early, Never late

“We serve an on-time God”, the saying goes, so we do well to discern God’s will and God’s timing for his will.  Listen to, or watch, this message from John 7.1-9 to learn more…


LifeConnect Group Discussion questions can be accessed here:  2018 10 14 lcg questions