Biblical Messages


Ever notice how so many people are so easily offended today?  It happened to Jesus, too.  Have a look or listen to this message based on John 6.60-71

This week’s LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions are here:  2018 10 07 lcg questions

Biblical Messages, LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions


A lot of people over the years have assumed that when Jesus talked about eating his flesh and drinking his blood, there was cannibalism involved.  A lot of others have assumed that Jesus was foreshadowing the last supper.  But is that what Jesus really was talking about?  Follow along in John 6.52-59, and listen to or watch this message.  I began the message by showing this video.

LifeConnect Group discussion questions for this message can be found here:  2018 09 16 lcg questions

Biblical Messages

A high-carb diet

Carbohydrates are said to be bad for you.  (Of course, anything can kill you, if you believe what you read!)  But in this message, we learn that the carbs we really need most are spiritual carbs.  What’s that about?  Read John 6.28-40 and watch or listen to this message!