Biblical Messages

What Is Truth?

That’s the question Pilate asked Jesus when Jesus started talking about truth in his trial.  It’s a question a lot of people ask today, too.  Take a look at this message, based on John 18.28-40.  (As you will notice, I remark on the fact that my digital audio recorder’s batteries died part-way through the message, which is why we only have the Facebook Live feed today; you can watch it with or without a Facebook account.  Just click the link.)

Biblical Messages

No Excuse

There are two kinds of revelation in Christian theology:  general revelation and special revelation.  And these leave us without excuse when it comes to knowing God, and having a relationship with Jesus.  In this message, that’s how we apply Jesus’ trial before Annas in John 18.19-24.  Have a listen, or watch it below.

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Biblical Messages


Preachers often take a passage like John 18.15-18, 25-27 and tell us, “Don’t do that!” They’re right, of course, but how can we put a positive spin on this?  What lesson can we learn from Peter’s denial that will encourage us in our faith?  Listen, or watch, and find out.

Biblical Messages

Who are you looking for?

For this first Sunday in Lent, we skip over to John 18.1-14 to the last encounter Jesus had before he was led away to be crucified.  “Who are you looking for?” he asked the Roman soldiers.  It’s a good question for us to ask, too.  Learn why in this message, where you can listen or watch via the links below.