Biblical Messages

A Christmas Riddle

John the Baptist introduces Jesus as the Lamb of God, and offers a riddle as part of the description.  We all like a riddle now and again – what does this one mean?  Listen, or watch, and find out.  This message is an exposition of John 1.29-34.

Biblical Messages

Christmas morning: Differs not by one iota

Merry Christmas!  At our Christmas morning service, I did a very short review of our journey (so far) in the Gospel of John (by reading 1.1-14) and reviewed an important theological point that was posted on this blog a few weeks ago.  Listen to, or watch, this brief message below.

Biblical Messages

A voice in the wilderness

In Advent, it’s normal for one Sunday to be dedicated to the story of John the Baptist.  Since we’ve begun a series in the Gospel of John, we’ve continued in that tradition, but at a different time.  We’ll see more of John the Baptist yet, but for now, we learn something of what our responsibility is – even at Christmas – through John the Baptist’s testimony.  Listen to, or watch, this message based on John 1.19-28 below.  (The song with which we closed the service was the old hymn May the mind of Christ, my Saviour.)

Biblical Messages

Near to the Father’s Heart

If you want to know God, you need to know Jesus, who is near to the Father’s heart.  And we know Jesus by reading Scripture.  Listen to, or watch, this message based on John 1.15-18.

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Biblical Messages

In the beginning

…no, not that “In the beginning” – the one in John 1.1-5!  We’re starting a series on John’s Gospel with this message, which starts the season of Advent.  This is the closest John comes to a birth narrative; listen, or watch, to find out why it’s One Of Those Things that’s Not Like The Others.


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