Biblical Messages

Christ, our example in relationships

Some Bible passages are highly controversial, and can be difficult to preach. Because at least two of my series each year are Bible books preached lectio continua, that is, continually read (or through the book), certain difficult passages can’t be wiggled out of.  Thus it is as I come to 1 Peter 3.1-7.  This is not an easy passage to preach in a contemporary society.  But there is a word from the Lord for wives – and for husbands – in this passage.

Listen for yourself here:

Biblical Messages

The Value of Name Dropping

The closing verses of the apostle Paul’s letter to the Colossians include quite a variety:  some controversy, some advice, and some greetings.  Strangely, these all tie together!  In this message we look at Colossians 3.18-4.18 (in three different sections).  You can listen to the message by clicking here.