Biblical Messages

Glory! (What’s that?)

We toss words around a lot without knowing their meanings, and that happens especially when we sing Christmas songs.  In this message, I explore the meaning of the word “Glory”, and how it can apply to our lives as followers of Jesus.  Listen, or watch, below.  Merry Christmas.

Biblical Messages

FLYING SOLA: Soli Deo Gloria

What does it mean to give glory to God?  Or do followers of Jesus even realize that they ARE the glory of God?  God’s people are the glory of God, and flying sola headerthey are called to give glory to God!  As the Westminster Shorter Catechism says, our chief end, our aim in life, is “to glorify God and enjoy him forever.”  Based on 2 Corinthians 3.7-18, you can listen to the message by clicking here.

In case you’re interested, here are the slides that went with the message.