Biblical Messages

Long Division

In this worship gathering, we hear a message called “Long Division” from Romans 16.17-27. We learn how false teachers sway people, and how to avoid this as followers of Jesus. (We also learn a little Scottish church history from the ministry of Ebenezer Erskine.) You can watch the whole service here, or just the message elsewhere on the channel.

Biblical Messages

LOVE ONE ANOTHER: How to tell the difference

Few topics are harder to preach about than the reality of evil in the world – not because it’s hard to find examples of it, but because evil does not want to be exposed for what it is.  Therefore, preparing to preach, and actually preaching, on evil spirits is very difficult, because those evil spirits work to try to keep you from exposing them for what they are.  Such was my challenge this week.

John, in writing his first letter, is dealing with false teachers who are denying Jesus’ incarnation.  John, then, out of love and care for his flock, writes to remind the church that believing Jesus is God-in-the-flesh is the litmus test for teaching.  He writes this in 1 John 4.1-6.

Listen to the message here:

Biblical Messages

Hold On!

“In our day, reaching out to those affected by false teaching is less about deprogramming someone who has been delivered from a cult (though that can beHold_On_fs important, too) as it is about reorienting someone whose value system has been shaped by the world instead of by the Word.”  In the first part of our study in Jude, we read a tirade against false teachers that were worming their way into the church.  In this second part, in verses 17-25, we see words of encouragement for those who stand in the face of false teaching.  Listen to the message here:  

Biblical Messages

Living Thanks

The book of Jude, a small, obscure letter in the New Testament, might not seem like the go-to place for a Thanksgiving preaching text.  But I believe much of Scripture can enjoin us to give thanks to God – even Jude 1-16!  These words offer us what might be a surprising reason to be thankful.  Give this message a listen and see if you agree: