Biblical Messages

Why the Crowds?

To us, the Triumphal Entry of Jesus might seem quaint, if we’re acquainted with the story at all.  In this service, we read John’s version of the story in John 12.12-19, and heard a message called “Why the Crowds?”  Watch the whole service if you like, or fast-forward to 34:50 for the message.


Biblical Messages

Your King Is Coming

In John’s rendering of the Palm Sunday story – the Triumphal Entry – in John 12.12-19, his emphasis is different from that of the other gospel writers.  He focuses on the crowds.  So for this message, that’s what I decided to do, too: since Easter is next weekend, we need to be ready for whatever “crowds” the Lord will bring our way.  I learned the main points of this message from a webinar put on by The Rocket Company a few weeks back.  Have a listen, or a watch, and see if there is a way you can be ready for guests!