Encouragement From The Word

God Most High

Today, we have a guest post from my friend, Adelle Lauchlan, who is on staff at Uxbridge Baptist Church.  She is well known to many people of St. Paul’s Church, Nobleton, as a regular guest preacher when I’m not around.  Amid all that’s still going on, receive some comfort!   – Jeff+

Before I became a Christian, I lived, for a short time, in Banff, Alberta, a small town surrounded by six mountains. While this town was never quiet (although it might be now), I always found it very peaceful. There was something about living in the shadow of a mountain that I found comforting. 

As an image, think about it as living inside a hug from the earth; or, as living under the watchful and protective care of the earth. And, as protected and cared for as people are by those mountains in all their glory and splendor, all that pales in comparison to the care and protection that we have when we rest in the shadow of God Almighty, God Most High. 

As God Most High, our God is Sovereign. He reigns supreme. He will never crumble into the sea. He will never lose His power and might. He has conquered death and sin. As God Almighty, He is all-powerful, and He protects and cares for us. He offers us shelter and rest. The assurance of His love and His might is greater than anything the world can offer. 

Psalm 91 begins with these two names of God as a reminder of His might and His protection; a reminder that when we are faced with the unknown, faced with struggles, when we feel unsafe or uncertain, God forever remains in control. With God as our dwelling place, we can have confidence and comfort. He is our shelter and our rest. 

Whoever dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust” (Psalm 91:1-2, NIV).

Biblical Messages

Faithful Love

In today’s message, which begins just after the 11:00 mark, we look at Psalm 118 for comfort in this time of distress in the world, remembering that God is good, and his faithful love endures forever.  We begin with a message of comfort for children from the story of Noah.  Have a look!  Feel free to ask questions, too!