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BEING THE CHURCH: A special utensil

“Take a Sabbath from your opinions.”  If I’d heard that before I preached, I’d have included that quotation from a friend of our Youth Pastor.  It’s good counsel when we’re dealing with social media!

While there was no social media in Bible times, there are words in 2 Timothy 2.15-26 that can instruct us on how to engage Christianly in social media discussions.

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BEING THE CHURCH: 2. Unfettered

“The Word of God cannot not chained” (2 Timothy 2.9).  These are some of the most profound and powerful words in all of Scripture.  As we look at what 2 Timothy has to say about being the church, we see today about the power of the Word of God, and how its unfettered nature sets us free in a few ways.  Based on 2 Timothy 2.1-14, have a listen here:

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Biblical Messages

The 110

I began this message by asking what is the world’s most precious commodity.  I got several answers, but the true answer is time.  I did some math to figure out what kind of time we have to use for non-sleep and non-church activities.  How can we make the best use of it?  Based on 2 Timothy 2.14-26, you can listen here to find out: