Biblical Messages

From Protest to Provision

This message, based on Numbers 11.1-30, helps us understand how grumbling can be turned on its head to be constructive.

My digital voice recorder gave out before the end; the other steps one could take as a result of this message were:

  • I will focus my concerns and share them appropriately.
    • Refrain from coming to a leader with “People are saying”, or simply talking about a problem without positing a solution. If you’ll act with emotional and spiritual maturity about complaints, then check that off.
  • I will step back and praise God for how blessed I am.
    • If you have 3 meals a day and a roof over your head, you are blessed beyond most of the world. If you have a car to drive, you are blessed beyond most of the world.
    • Realize how NOT hard-done-by you are, and praise God for your blessings.
  • And here’s one more: if you will pray for the leaders of our ch, that we will be able to discern how best God wants us to serve and reach our community, check that off and get on your knees, because a praying ch is a growing ch.  Stay after worship and join those gathering for prayer in the pink room at 11:30.  Intercede before God for those whom he has appointed to lead us as we seek to be the ch in this community that can be most effective at meeting needs AND leading people into a personal relationship with the Lord.

You can listen here, or watch the public Facebook video at the link below.