India 2013

India 2013: Home, sweet home

Our India mission team arrived home safely on Thursday afternoon.  It was a bit of a bumpy ride into Toronto, because of the wind, but we landed without incident and all our bags arrived with us!  We all are so grateful to God for his kindness in preserving us through this whole trip.

We also are grateful to God for the prayers of so many.  While we were in India, we witnessed all kinds of spiritual warfare.  The church is a small and sometimes persecuted minority in India, and those believers need our prayers.

After crawling home in snowy traffic, I had a shower, Diana and I had supper, I called my parents, and we went to bed.  Nine hours later, I awoke, and I’m really hopeful that this will be the extent of my jet-lag…but I’m not sure that’s the case.  We’ll see how the next few days pan out!

I’m sure I will muse more about this trip in the coming days and weeks, but I wanted to thank you for your part in our journey.