India 2013

India 2013: the legacy we leave

To say that we are encouraged by our two weeks at SAIACS would be an understatement. To be sure, we are all very tired and very much looking forward to being home with our loved ones. But what really excites us is the fact that the key administrators want to see what we’ve done carry on, rather than be a flash in the pan.

Seminaries are known for being academic institutions, and rightly so; the students go to be trained. But we are realizing more and more that with the informational training must come spiritual formation. As I said in my chapel message on Friday morning, information fills the mind, and formation shapes the person. Both are needed for effective ministry to result from a good seminary education.

We are excited that God has brought this about, and look forward to learning how this may unfold over the course of time.

For now, we will enjoy a few days of debriefing and rest in the seaside city of Goa before heading back to winter, and those we love.

We have been blessed to serve, and to serve together.