India 2013

India 2013: Clay in the Potter’s hands

This morning – it’s Wednesday morning here now – one of my teammates, Cynthia, spoke in chapel in a powerful way. Using much the same message (adapted to the context) that she used whenshe spoke at St. Paul’s, Nobleton last June, Cynthia used pottery to illustrate the wonder and grace of God our Potter.

I could listen to that talk over and over and over again, because it’s a constant reminder of the fact that with God, who shapes us, there is no waste.  Nothing is thrown away.  God is always going to mold us and shape us and make us into what he wants us to be, but there is no waste.

This is a good message for the people among whom we are serving right now, for people in this culture are often seen as cast-offs.  They need to be affirmed in their God-image, that the Lord has made them for his good purpose and with him, there is no waste.

I look forward, today, to spending time with more people for whom I pray this truth will come to life in a new way.

2 thoughts on “India 2013: Clay in the Potter’s hands”

  1. We prayed for you and the rest of the team last night at Presbytery. Your Diana kept us informed as to the length of your stay there by the number of sleeps until you come home 🙂
    Mya you have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks, Dennis. As your day begins, so mine ends! Just finished a full day of spiritual direction. Heard some powerful stories. God is good, and we are blessed to serve here for a time. Enjoy your holiday!

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