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How to host a dinner party

A lot of important things happen around food – relationships are forged, deals are made, lives are changed.  It was no different in Bible times.  Jesus got invited to a lot of dinner parties, and one party in particular had him telling a parable about another party.  The message is based on Luke 14.15-24, and you can listen to it by clicking here.

4 thoughts on “How to host a dinner party”

  1. Hi Jeff. It was great to see everyone this morning. My Mom (Lillian) really enjoy it. Is there any way to get a printed copy of your sermons for Margaretha Marquardt? Mostly she can not hear what is going on and would dearly love to be able to read your messages so she can go over it in her own time. She too, needs to be fed at the table and this would be an ideal way to do so.

    Thanks for your consideration

    Susan Mays

    1. Hi Susan. I tried to reply directly, but your email bounced.

      Great to see you on Sunday!

      I’ve been asked many times if a printed copy can be prepared for =
      Margaretha. Unfortunately, the only way that could happen is if someone =
      were to transcribe the recording, because the notes from which I work =
      would not be helpful to her edification! I will ask around once again.

      Thanks for coming, and bringing your mom.

    1. I think it’s a pretty radical concept for some to think of our relationship with God in romantic terms, but there’s lots of history (and not a little theology) to back it up! Glad you appreciated it. 🙂

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