Encouragement From The Word

Don’t be like your smartphone!

I was monitoring the battery level on my smartphone all day on Thursday.  (Well, it wasn’t all I did, trust me.  But every time I had the phone in hand, I was looking in the upper right-hand corner to see where the battery level was.)

Why does this matter?

One of the things I’ve learned about the batteries in devices like smartphones is that they hold their charge best when they are periodically allowed to be completely depleted.  So I found excuses to use it last night so that I could bring the charge level down below 5%, so that when I plugged it in at bedtime, it would get a complete charge.

Wait a minute, Jeff, I hear you thinking.  This is Encouragement From The Word, not Cellphone Technology 101.  And you’re right.  But this little exercise in electronics reminded me that the way I treat my phone is not how I treat myself.  We don’t work the same way!

I know a lot of people who run on empty, to mix my metaphors a bit.  They let their physical, emotional and spiritual batteries get dangerously discharged.  And by the time they get around to an attempt at recharging – through vacation, or a spiritual retreat, or some counselling or the like – the damage has already been done.

We were not designed to function like lithium ion batteries.  We need topping up – recharging – as often as possible.  It’s the way God designed us.  We were designed to have a day of rest and re-creation every seven days.  We were designed to be emotionally recharged with the company of good friends and loved ones as often as possible. We were designed to be refreshed in spirit not just weekly, but daily.  It’s what helps us understand the abundant life that Jesus promised us:  “life to the full” (John 10.10).

You take a few minutes out of your Friday to read Encouragement From The Word, and I’m glad you do.  Take a few more minutes today, will you?  Take some time to do a diagnostic test on your physical, emotional and spiritual ‘battery level’.  Where are you at, right now?  What needs recharging?  What can you do today to recharge it?

Don’t try to be like the battery in your phone, which  benefits from complete depletion.  Be recharged daily!

The thief’s purpose is to steal and kill and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life” (John 10.10, NLT).

Are you fulfilling Jesus’ purpose for you?  Do you have a rich and satisfying life?  Be recharged today!