Biblical Messages

GOD’S TOP TEN LIST: Putting the ‘adult’ in ‘adultery’

The topic of adultery can be uncomfortable for some people.  Nowadays, many think that what goes on between two adults is nobody else’s business.  Trouble is – and everyone who has engaged in sexual relations with someone not her or his spouse knows this – the whole “one flesh” notion that the Bible teaches is really true.  We can’t get rid of the person with whom we have engaged in the act of marriage, no matter how hard we try.

If you’ve ever tried to unscramble two scrambled eggs before, you’ll know what I mean.

The seventh commandment says, “You must not commit adultery” (Exodus 20.14, NLT).  Jesus took it a step farther in Matthew 5.27-30.  You can listen to the message in which we seek to put the ‘adult’ in ‘adultery’ by clicking here.