Biblical Messages

God’s Top Ten List: 4. God’s Gift of Rest

When we think “Sabbath”, many people either think “Jewish Sabbath” or “Sunday – a day to do nothing.”  But that’s not exactly right.  To be sure, the idea of the day of rest as a day of drudgery and do-nothing-ness has been perpetuated by some folks’ legalistic understanding of the day of rest.  But God has given it to us as a gift!

In this message, we learn that what some see as a duty is really intended to be a delight – Sabbath is to be a day when we cease from our regular work, do those things that give us energy and joy, including worship – and when we just rest and enjoy the world God has made.

It’s based on Mark 2.23-28, wherein Jesus reminds us that the Sabbath was made for us – not the other way around.

Preparing this message has been a really exciting thing for me personally, and I’m going to follow the steps I outline to try to reform my own understanding of Sabbath – for my own good, and for my delight.  I invite you to do the same.

Because I believe this message has such importance, I will be going to the unusual trouble of preparing a written transcript of the message.  If you would like a copy sent to you, contact me, or watch the blog for it.