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Jiving with Joel: 3. Give Your Heart

Repentance:  it won’t earn us our salvation.  If we look at it that way, it’s just another ‘good work’.  But it should be the fruit of our salvation!  And the great thing is that God always takes the initiative – that’s how much he loves us!  God takes the initiative to encourage and seek our repentance.

Our continuing study in the Old Testament prophet Joel shows us that repentance can and should be corporate as well as individual.  Based on Joel 2.12-17, you can listen to “Give Your Heart” by clicking here.

2 thoughts on “Jiving with Joel: 3. Give Your Heart”

  1. Once again, I am grateful to God for my brother in Christ for an effective and moving word from God. The teaching and the obvious care of those listening and the humour (you had me at “bacon”) are gifts that I will take to heart and share with two new clergy that I have the privilege of supervising. Some will likely also be more than evident in my Ash Wednesday sermons at St. Alban’s Cathedral, Prince Albert, SK

  2. Ken, thank you once again for your kind words. This series has been a real challenge for me, since so much of Joel is a bit of a ‘downer’. Thankfully, the tide turns in the latter part of chapter 2!

    I can’t resist talking about bacon; after all, the only thing that’s better than bacon is…more bacon! 🙂 God’s best to you this Lent, brother! And may the new clergy you supervise find that the grace of God evident in their supervisor rubs off on them.

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