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The Gift of Yourself

It’s a bit strange that the church celebrates Stephen – the first martyr – on the day after Christmas.  I’ve never done so before, but this year, I thought I would celebrate Stephen’s leadership in dying for his faith, since December 26 landed on a Sunday.

In case what I say in the message does not convey what I mean, please know that, when I mention the underground church, I don’t mean to suggest that they do not share their faith – indeed, many do so vigilantly, and successfully – it’s just harder for them to do so because they lack the freedom we have to share our relationship and experience with God.  Pray for the underground church around the world, please!

This message is based on the story of Stephen in Acts 6 and 7.  You can listen to the message by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “The Gift of Yourself”

  1. Dear Jeff,
    Great to hear your teaching on the Feast of Stephen. As you know, the Anglican Prayer book has St. Stephen firmly ensconced on the 26th and there was no question we would be keeping the feast at the Cathedral in Prince Albert. I tried (somewhat less eloquently than you did) to say how the events remembered on that day came to be, according to St. Luke. I then named the question we ask: would I be able to bless my persecutors like Stephen (and more importantly, our Lord did)? I used the example of the fire a year ago Dec. 14 and I spoke about the current and active Grace of God in those situations in people’s lives when other people find it hard to imagine ‘how we do it?’. In preparation for the sermon I reread the letters of love and encouragement that I received in 2009 – including the one from you, brother. Thank you for all you do, in Christ’s Love, Ken+

  2. Hi Jeff,

    I enjoyed reading and listening to your post. You are an excellent speaker :). Do you post your weekly sermons on this site?

    Wendy Lalande

    1. Hi Wendy…thank you for your kind words! Yes, every Sunday message I’ve preached at St. Paul’s is on this blog. I record them each week and post them on Sunday afternoon. Feel free to listen anytime!!

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