Biblical Messages

Q&A: How do I know when God is speaking to me?

People sometimes ask, “How do I know when God is speaking to me?”  It’s a good question.  After all, it’s fairly subjective, isn’t it?  If someone says, “God told me…”, how does one refute that?

This message, based on 1 Samuel 3, seeks to offer some touch points for discerning when God is speaking to us.  The main points are:

  • God will never contradict his Word.
  • God can use both familiar and unfamiliar means to speak to us.
  • The meaning of what God is saying may not immediately be obvious.
  • We can more clearly discern when God is speaking to us as our relationship with him grows and develops.

In the message, I share an experience I had recently where God used piped-in music in a store to speak to me – and I haven’t yet discerned what that means.  As you listen, maybe you can help me understand!

The message in its entirety can be heard by clicking here.