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CHRISTIANITY 101: THE APOSTLES’ CREED – 10. Catholic? Of course!

In many cultures, there still is a lack of understanding between Roman Catholics and Protestants – to the point that many on each side don’t understand the meaning of the term “catholic”.  Yet in the Apostles’ Creed, we say, “I believe in…the holy catholic church.”  What does that mean?  (Further, we also say we believe in “the communion of saints”, which is what makes up the holy catholic church.)

Many Roman Catholics think it’s talking about them.  Many Protestants think it’s talking about Roman Catholics, too.  So why do Protestants say they believe in the holy catholic church?  Based on Ephesians 4.1-16, you can find out why by listening to this message.

Near the end of the message, a video is shown, which you can watch here.  (We stopped it at 6:16 when the story was finished!)

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