Memorial Service for The Rev. Ken Wild

On Saturday, February 27, 2010, I was honoured to have preached at the memorial service for a dear friend, The Rev. Ken Wild.  Ken was a servant of Christ whose humour always left one feeling better for having chatted with him.

The service opens with a welcome from The Rev. Dr. Creola Simpson, Minister of St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church, Southampton; the service is led by The Rev. Peggy Kinsman, Minister of the Lucknow-South Kinloss pastoral charge, and another good friend of Ken.

A recording of the entire memorial service can be heard here.

Biblical Messages, LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions

Olympic Determination

Olympians are marked by their determination.  You can’t achieve the kind of results they seek without being determined!

The apostle Paul demonstrates in Philippians 3.12-4.1 that determination is part of the Christian life:  a determination to press on, to forget the past, and to make a difference in others’ lives by the power of the gospel.

You can listen to this message here.

The LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions can be downloaded here.