Biblical Messages, LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions

Olympic Sacrifice

When we think of the Olympics, we can’t help but think of sacrifice.  Think about everything that athletes have to give up in order to focus on their sport, and their desire to be the best in the world at it!

God calls the church to make Olympic Sacrifices.  If we are going to reach the community for Jesus, we need to step away from our comfort zones and be the church that has an irresistible environment in which people can encounter God and engage in a relationship with Jesus.

At St. Paul’s we seek to encourage people to connect with God, grow in Christ, and serve in community.  And to live that out, we need to sacrifice.

Based on Paul’s words to the church in Philippians 3.1-11, you can listen to the message here.

The video used in the message can be viewed (though not with great clarity or completely) here.

The LifeConnect Group Discussion Questions can be downloaded here.