Biblical Messages

MYTHBUSTERS: The church is full of judgmental hypocrites

One of the commonest beliefs outside the church is that the church is full of judgmental hypocrites.  The sad thing is that in some places and in some cases, this is true!  But a church full of growing followers of Jesus makes for less judgmentalism (but clearer judgment) and less hypocrisy (and more truth).

Many people love to quote Jesus’ words in Matthew 7.1:  “Do not judge”.  But they neglect the context around it, in which Jesus proceeds to give his followers some tools and criteria for judgment!

The key is not to avoid judging, but to avoid judgmentalism.  What’s the difference?  Listen here, to this message based on Matthew 7.1-6, 13-23.  (You’ll notice a little difference in the sound quality before the Scripture reading – I neglected to begin my recording during worship and had to re-record the introduction later.  But it’s all the same information!)