Biblical Messages

MYTHBUSTERS: The body is shameful

North Americans are an enigmatic lot when it comes to the human body.   The culture seems to welcome the objectification of the body, especially women’s bodies, and yet it can’t handle simple, non-sexual nudity in, say, a group of seniors at a free beach.  Why is that?

In this message, I talk about how the culture has equated Victorian values with biblical ones – erroneously – and how it has been assumed that sex is to be either for procreative purposes or illicit purposes, instead of being for the pleasure of a man and a woman united in the covenant of marriage.

What has been perceived as Christian culture has done little to help the issue of body shame.  In the Bible, clothing became part of human reality not because of shame, but because of fear.  God created our bodies, and said they were not only “very good”, but in his very own image!  So if God makes everything glorious, as the David Crowder Band has sung, and we are his, what does that make us?

Based on 1 Corinthians 12.14-26 and Psalm 139.1-16, you can listen to a message debunking the myth that the body is shameful here.  The message concludes with a video montage from YouTube accompanied by “Fingerprints of God” by Steven Curtis Chapman, viewable here.