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MYTHBUSTERS: God has a blueprint for my life

One thing that every Christ-follower, and even some who are not committed to faith, seek to do is to find and understand God’s will.  Some people even think that God has a “blueprint” for our lives!  Yet, if you think about it, when we make one mistake, that blueprint is completely distorted.

Some take it to a ridiculous extreme, and even worry over which shoe to put on first in the morning (the message you’ll hear begins with me, pondering which shoe to put on first). 

In this message, based on Ephesians 5.15-20, I explore the possibility that God doesn’t have a blueprint for our lives – but he does have a game plan!

Click this link to listen to the message and find out the difference between a blueprint and a game plan.

2 thoughts on “MYTHBUSTERS: God has a blueprint for my life”

  1. what can i say excellent again. you have an excellent way of hitting the nail on the head. i am enjoying all your posts that i have read so far. please keep it up. i know people that play the roulette game.whenever i get caught up in wanting to know “the blueprint” i go back to seek ye first the kingdom of God and concentrate on trying to know God and Jesus more and all my worries about my own life disappear

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