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MYTHBUSTERS: Church is boring!

Lots of people – even some who attend worship! – say that “church is boring”.  Why is that?  Is it really a myth?

I’ve visited a few churches where there was no denying that it was true – at least on the Sunday I visited!  But I think most congregations that even bother to entertain the question of whether or not church is ‘boring’ probably are working hard to dispel the myth.

(By ‘church’ here I’m talking about the worship gathering, rather than the body of Christ itself – though some would argue that boring people make for boring worship, but I’m not going there!)

When this was being discussed with our children, one of them aptly said, “Church is boring if you want it to be.”  That is, if we go expecting it to be boring, it might just turn out that way.  But if we go expecting God to speak, God will speak.  And that’s exciting.

There were many passages of Scripture I could have chosen to debunk this myth, but of them I chose 1 Corinthians 14.22-40.  As I note in the reading of the text, there is a portion therein that could serve as a red herring to the topic at hand, and I didn’t have time to deal with the issue of women speaking in church in this message. 

You can listen to the message here.  Feel free to comment on your experience of church – has it been boring or exciting for you?  And in what ways?