Biblical Messages

MYTHBUSTERS: “It’s the church’s job to teach my kids the faith.” (Think ORANGE, part 2)

On Mother’s Day, or Christian family Sunday, it’s a great time to celebrate the family.  It’s the fabric of society and, consequently, the first place the devil tries to get a foothold.  If parents will be spiritual leaders to their kids, the devil can’t get his foothold.  So the church needs to go ORANGE to make that happen.

This message includes a video clip from Reggie Joiner’s DVD, “The Essence of Orange”, in which Reggie explains the basic foundation behind the concept.  If the church is yellow – a light to the world – and the family is red – love and acceptance, then the combination of yellow and red (orange) is a partnership between the church and the family.  Churches don’t need more children’s programs.  They need to equip parents to be spiritual leaders in their families so that the hours that the family has together can be leveraged to draw kids into a relationship with God.

In a hundred years, nothing’s going to matter except the child’s relationship with God.

The message is based on Deuteronomy 6.1-12 and Micah 6, and can be listened to by clicking this link.